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Result of using the Potok equipment

Potok ensures microbiological purity and reduces the level of microbial contamination of the air in orbital stations.

The Potok equipment has gained a good reputation from operating in space and has received the gratitude of both cosmonauts and astronauts.

In 1995,
the Potok equipment solved the problem of colonies of mold fungi in the Mir orbital space station.
In 2001,
the Potok equipment was modified according to the cosmonauts' requests, delivered to the International Space Station (ISS), and installed in the Russian segment.
In 2009,
the Potok equipment was delivered to the US segment as ordered by NASA: in one week of operation, the unit reduced the level of molds in the air to zero (tenfold contamination excess was previously recorded).
У кого уже безопасная воздушная среда?
Кейсы интеграции систем обеззараживания «Поток»

In the Russian segment of the ISS, a Potok unit has been decontaminating air since 2001 in operating mode 6 hours a day.

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