Potok in education
Problem description

The economic damage inflicted on the Russian Federation by acute infections of the upper respiratory tract and the flu in 2016* amounted to more than 500 billion rubles, including

  • the costs of treating children and their parents
  • losses in productivity of economically active population in the process of GDP production due to illness or caring for a sick child
citizens of Russia who had ARVI in 2016 - children under 17 years of age
schools closed for quarantine in 2017
daycares closed for quarantine in 2017
5 times
as much children (up to 6 years of age) are more likely to get sick than the general population
children in the daycare group get sick from as little as one infectious child

* State report of Roszdravnadzor (Federal Service for the Supervision of Public Health and Social Development) "On the state of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population in the Russian Federation in 2016"

Result of using the Potok equipment

Creating favorable conditions for daycares and schools

Decrease in the incidence of infectious diseases in daycares and schools and in the economic losses caused by parents taking sick leave
Decrease in the risk of viruses and bacteria being spread among students, especially during periods of reduced immunity and outbreaks of viral diseases
Improving the well-being of children with weakened immunity, suffering from asthma or allergies.
Potok in practice

The Potok units have been already successfully operating in educational institutions in Moscow and Moscow region, Kazan, and the Republic of Crimea. From December 2016 to February 2017, a study was conducted of the air decontamination effectiveness of the Potok equipment in a classroom of Odintsovo Linguistic Gymnasium.

was halved
the incidence of diseases in children in winter
the concentration of mold fungi in the classroom decreased
the concentration of air-borne microorganisms decreased
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