Potok in education
Problem description*

We take our breathing and our respiratory health for granted, but the lung is a vital organ that is vulnerable to air-borne infection and injury. The WHO estimates that 4.3 million deaths per year can be attributed to indoor air pollution. Influenza causes more hospitalizations among young children than any other disease.

Although it is considered that children are at lower risk of COVID-19 than adults, some studies show that some COVD-19 cases in adults, when the source of infection has not been established, it is a "gift" from a son or daughter who caught the infection at school, themselves suffered asymptomatically, but infected their parents.

9 million
children under 5 years old die annually, and pneumonia is the world’s leading killer of these children
of all children globally​ are affected by the flu annually
of all children globally​ are affected by asthma
children can be as infectious as adults
schools for more than 168 million children globally have been completely closed for almost a full year​

* WHO, CDC, UNICEF, Forum of International Respiratory Societies (The Global Impact of Respiratory Disease)

Result of using the Potok equipment

Creating favorable conditions for daycares and schools.

The decrease in the incidence of infectious diseases in daycares and schools and in the economic losses caused by parents taking sick leave.
The decrease in the risk of viruses and bacteria being spread among students, especially during periods of reduced immunity and outbreaks of viral diseases.
Improving the well-being of children with weakened immunity, suffering from asthma or allergies.
Potok in practice

The Potok units have been already successfully operating in educational institutions in the Russia and CIS countries. 

From December 2016 to February 2017, a study was conducted on the air decontamination effectiveness of the Potok equipment in a classroom of Odintsovo Linguistic Gymnasium.

was halved
the incidence of diseases in children in winter
the concentration of mold fungi in the classroom decreased
the concentration of air-borne microorganisms decreased
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