June 11, 2020
Potok joined Moscow Innovation Cluster

On June 11, 2020 Potok Inter received partner status in the Moscow Innovation Cluster. This will allow the company to get the full functionality and capabilities of the IT-platform.

According to a statement by Alexey Fursin, Head of the Moscow Department for Science, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship, having received the status of a cluster’s member, the company expands its capabilities to search for new partners, with whom it will be possible to implement larger projects.

The Moscow Innovation cluster is one of the projects of the capital’s government. This platform was created with the aim of developing innovation and cooperation between business, industry, science and the city. The main objective of the cluster is the formation of an innovative ecosystem for building a successful business, as well as the development of a platform for the successful growth of innovative projects.

Cluster member status has already been received by such organizations as the Skolkovo Foundation, Kurchatov Institute, the Shvabe holding, research centers such as Lomonosov Moscow State University, The Bauman Moscow State Technical University, BMSTU, National Research University of Electronic Technology and many others.

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