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07 September 2021
Potok Inter is the Technical Partner of the Russian Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai

Moscow, Russia. Potok Inter, the developer of its own technology and the producer of patented air decontamination equipment, became technical partner of the World Expo-2020, held in Dubai (UAE) from 1 October 2021 until 31 March 2022.

The partnership provides that the Russian unique air decontamination units “Potok”, which have no analogues in the world, will ensure security in the most important exhibition premises of the Russian Pavilion (meeting rooms, conference halls, VIP Lounge, etc.). The equipment used for air decontamination on the International Space Station (in the Roscosmos segment – since 2001, in the NASA segment – since 2009) could destroy any types of pathogenic microorganisms in the air.

Russia always presents the country's latest achievements and developments at the EXPO exhibitions. During the COVID-19 pandemic the issue of indoor air safety became one of the main focus for event organizers with a large number of people in confined spaces. The Expo 2020 Organizing Committee predicted that over 25 million visitors would expected over the entire period of the exhibition.

According to Marat Khabibullin, overseas sales director “Potok Inter”, “Our company is a significant expert in air decontamination, and for us ensuring microbiological safety in the Russian Pavilion is a difficult, but at the same time interesting and responsible challenge. Our technical staff modeled each premise and selected equipment based on the size and maximum number of people. Now we can easily say that the visitors to the Pavilion can be assured that the air in the premises will be clean and safe. In front of the entrance to each hall, decontaminated by Potok devices, you will notice a “Viruses Free” sign.

About Potok Inter

Potok Inter Scientific Manufacturing Company, LLC is a pioneer scientific and manufacturing company on the air decontamination systems market. Since 1994 the Potok solutions have been effectively used for different segments where air purity is vital such as the International Space Station, medicine (operating theatres, presurgery, intensive care units, Covid-19 hospitals and other premises with strict requirements to the indoor air quality), food processing and social buildings. It inactivates all airborne microorganisms (microbes, mold, fungi spores etc.) and viruses and excludes possibility of their further reparation. Potok technology is based on physical principle of destroying airborne microorganisms through exposure to constant electric fields of alternating polarity that is followed by highly efficient filtration of inactive biomass and volatile solids. For more information, please visit http://potok.com

With 192 countries participating in the World Expo-2020, it will become one of the largest exhibitions in history. The theme of the world fair is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

Russian pavilion with an area of 3630 sq. m and a height of 26.6 m - one of the largest on the territory of the Expo Park. The theme of the Russian Pavilion is “Creative Mind: Driving the Future”, and its architectural image embodies the idea of constant movement as a guarantee of successful development.

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