December 9, 2019
Potok Inter at the seminar and B2B negotiations on industrial and technological cooperation in the Republic of Korea

On December 4, 2019  in the Republic of Korea, Seoul, with the organizational support of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Korea, the 4th plenary meeting of the Korean-Russian Business and Investment Council was held, in which Potok Inter took part.

During the event the participants made presentations regarding the achievements and prospects of development of the Korean-Russian business and investment council, and also held a series of B2B negotiations on the topic of Russian-Korean technological cooperation.

The Korean-Russian Business and Investment Council has over 110 Korean companies interested in working with Russian partners, and the delegation from the Russian side at the Council meeting included 19 companies. Among them - Potok Inter.

“We are grateful to the Trade Representation for helping to strengthen Russian-Korean relations. We hope that the interest shown by our Korean partners will help the development of our technology and its further distribution around the world», сcommented Olga Belobrovtseva, Director General of Potok Inter. Among the priority areas of cooperation: high technology and innovations, transport and logistics, infrastructure, shipbuilding, energy, agriculture and food industry, finance and investment, education and healthcare, inter-regional cooperation, etc.

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