November 16, 2021
Potok Inter and Sana Klink Service seal cooperation within the framework of medical trade fair Medica in Düsseldorf.

More safety thanks to the latest air purification technology. This is the goal of the strategic partnership between Sana Klinik Service GmbH and Potok Inter LLC. The technology is unique - air cleaning by deactivating all types of airborne microorganisms such as bacteria, (corona) viruses, fungi, mold, with more than 99 percent efficiency. And that with significantly lower maintenance and thus lower costs. Sana Klinik Service supports the establishment of the patented technology in the German education and health market.

The technology is based on a physical method for the destruction of microorganisms, the so-called Potok microorganisms‘ inactivation technology by using high-intensity electric fields. It is a technique, in which an electric field is used to make pores in cell membranes.

As part of the strategic partnership, Potok and Sana Klinik Service will now bundle the competencies from product development and services in order to introduce the pioneering technology of this unique air purification in Germany. Sana Klinik Service stands for innovative solutions in the healthcare sector and is equally open and critical about promising technologies in this area. Many years of experience in advising and managing hospitals, coupled with thinking outside the box, stands for sustainable and effective offers.

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