April 8, 2020
MEDSI clinic in Otradnoye received Potok equipment

Potok Inter equipped the Medsi clinic Otradnoye of JSC Medsi Group, Russia's largest national healthcare chain with air decontamination units. In particular – laminar flow air decontamination units. 

The units are designed for the children's ward of Medsi Otradnoye, their need stemmed from the high risk of HIV infection, the spread of viruses, and the development of post-operative complications. Moreover, in medical institutions, bacterial strains that are resistant to all existing antimicrobials have increasingly begun to register. 

The Potok technology destroys any types of airborne microorganisms and viruses, works absolutely safely in the presence of people. It is used to decontaminate air by exposing microbial cells or virus receptors to constant electric fields of a given orientation and tension. The value of the electric field is designed to destroy any microorganisms and viruses, regardless of the type.

Electroporation is irreversible. Exposure to the electric field leads to the instant and complete destruction of the cellular receptors of viruses and rupture of membranes of microorganisms in the treated air. Microorganisms and viruses inactivated in this way cannot recover.

In June 2017 studies of the effectiveness of Potok air decontamination unit 150-M-01 were already conducted in the premises of the Medsi clinical hospital No. 1 on Pyatnitskoye Shosse. Excellent results were obtained: the unit reduced the total microbial number in the air of the dressing ward of purulent surgery by 6.7 times, which corresponded to the requirements for class A premises according to SanPiN, and the concentration of molds in the dressing was reduced by 1.9 time. The use of Potok made it possible to meet the requirements of SanPiN for Staphylococcus aureus.

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