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25 January 2019
Korean company Loofen praised the effectiveness of the Russian air decontamination unit "Potok"

25 January 2019 in Korea, the manufacturer of air purifiers Loofen presented results of a test on the effectiveness of Russian Potok equipment in destruction of E. coli in indoor air.

For the experiment air decontamination unit Potok 150-M-01 was used. Firstly, specialists injected a constant concentration of target bacteria inside the test chamber and measured the concentration of bacteria. Then they turned on Potok unit and after operating the sample for 3 hours they measured the reduction rate of bacteria.

Efficiency was estimated by comparison of values of a bacterial burden without Potok unit (background level) with a contamination level after working of unit.

Test results

The background level of E. coli concentration in the test chamber was 11,000 CFU/m3. Measurements after 3 hours of operating Potok unit showed the reduction rate of bacteria by 99.9%, it was less than 10 CFU/m3. Thus, the application of Potok unit allowed to reduce the concentration of E. coli to almost zero.

This test was conducted as a part of the Memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation, that was signed on June 22, 2018 between SPF Potok Inter (Russian Federation), Loofen Co., Ltd (Republic of Korea) and Gyeonggi-do Province in the Republic of Korea. More about Memorandum you can read http://www.potok.com/en/news/spf-potok-inter-will-develop-the-technology-of-air-decontamination-potok-with-the-support-of-korean-partners

The partnership provides that Potok Inter, the developer of its own technology and the producer of patented air decontamination units, and the Korean company Loofen, that manufactures air purifiers, will jointly adapt the Potok decontamination technology to the market conditions in the Republic of Korea, and will also develop a new equipment for air decontamination based on the Potok technology.

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