March 19, 2020
JSC "Savushkin Product" is equipped with Potok units

In August 2019, Savushkin Product, the largest enterprise in Belarus producing natural dairy products, equipped a cheese ripening chamber in Stolin production facility with the Potok air decontamination system.

In the ventilation system of the cheese ripening chamber, two in-duct air decontamination units POTOK "150-M-01" were installed.

On the basis of the feedback received from the Savushkin Product company, after the equipment was launched, the microbiological indicators of air (yeast/mold) became close to 0, and the cost of caring for cheese was significantly reduced. This allows you to save on human resources and produce a quality product.

According to experts, in the first years of the cheese factory reject, spoilage in the drying and ripening chambers of the cheese, returns of expired cheese account for 10-20% of the total production of such companies, and for large producers - up to 3%. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, every year in Europe 29 million tons of dairy products are turned into waste. The main reason is the growth of yeast and mold.

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