March 18, 2021
FDA registered Potok air decontamination units

The American regulator registered Potok Inter and all equipment line using Potok technology. This is the only air decontamination technology used on the International Space Station (Roscosmos and NASA segments).

The FDA explained that according to the data presented by the company, the Potok technology was effective and safe in areas with high concentration of people (in the presence of people), which allowed to minimize the number of infected people, even among people in contact with carriers of an infectious disease.

Many experts today believe that the virus that caused the outbreak of the new infection would always stand in the history of mankind. SARS-CoV-2 did exactly what no other virus or bacteria has done over the past 100 years: it has radically changed the attitude towards biosafety and decontamination, especially towards the air pollution.

Leading infectious disease specialists, virologists and physicians unanimously state that the world will have to come to grips with new pathogens more than once.

The Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates warned that an upcoming pandemic could be 10 times worse and that humanity is not prepared for it. Gates explained that stopping the next pandemic would require spending tens of billions of dollars a year.

The world community stresses the importance of measures for the prevention of infectious diseases. According to WHO, 90% of infections (including influenza, coronaviruses, tuberculosis, etc.) are transmitted by respiratory droplets. Indoor air decontamination is the most effective means of preventing such infections.

“In the new reality world powers have an interest to our units which effectiveness has been confirmed all over the world. Including the United States, one of the most affected countries by the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, following the certificates for working in the EU, we received FDA approval, which opened for us the whole of North and Latin America, as well as the Middle East”, said Marat Khabibullin, Overseas Sales Director at Potok Inter.

“With regard to the market segments with which we are going to start, these are primarily those where we are traditionally in demand - medicine and the food industry, as well as those markets in which the demand for air decontamination due to COVID-19 has seriously increased - kindergartens and schools, nursing homes, residential buildings, office buildings, etc. ”, comments Marat Khabibullin.

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