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24 August 2021
A multidisciplinary hospital in Lithuania was equipped with Potok air decontamination units

In August 2021 the state hospital Raseiniu ligonine in Lithuania was equipped with Russian-made air decontamination systems. The units were housed in the nursing and internal medicine departments.

The air supplied to the rooms of healthcare facilities is decontaminated with the Potok equipment with a microorganism inactivation efficiency at the outlet of at least 99%, followed by high efficiency filtration (similar to filters H11-H14). This ensures the air is microbiologically safe, and as a result the risk of nosocomial infections including COVID-19 decreases, treatment effectiveness increases, the recovery process is accelerated.

In total, there are 14 departments (pediatrics, orthopedics and traumatology, general surgery, intensive care, radiology, etc.) in the hospital. All of them are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment, they use the advanced clinical methods for diagnosing and treating diseases.

The multidisciplinary public hospital Raseiniu has a good reputation outside the country, so it is often visited by foreign patients who’d been denied quality care in their home country.

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Potok Inter is a pioneer scientific and manufacturing company on the air decontamination systems market. Since 1994 the Potok solutions have been effectively used for different segments where air purity is vital such as the International Space Station (NASA and Roscosmos segments), medicine (operating theatres, presurgery, intensive care units, Covid-19 hospitals and other premises with strict requirements to the indoor air quality), food processing and social buildings.

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