April 30, 2020
Representation commerciale de la Federation De Russie En France

Source: http://www.rustrade.fr/fr/offres-commerciales/scientific-manufacturing-firm-potok-inter

Scientific-manufacturing firm "Potok Inter" (LLC) has been producing and selling air decontamination devices since 1992 under patented technology, which has no analogies

in the world. POTOK technology eliminates viruses, mold and all other species of airborne microorganisms with the 99,99% efficiency. It is internationally recognized by leading research institutes.

The technology is human and environmentally friendly.

POTOK technology is used to decontaminate air by exposing microbial cells or viruses’ secondary and tertiary structure of proteins to constant electric fields of a given orientation and tension. The value of the electric field is designed to destroy any microorganisms and viruses, regardless of the type (incl. mold and yeast). POTOK devices don’t accumulate microorganisms inside, so give them no chance to revive or expand.

POTOK is the only air decontamination technology used on board of the International Space Station, where we've solved the fungi problem. Potok equipment is also widely used in healthcare facilities, food processing, daycares and schools etc.

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