Potok in the food industry
Problem description

Quality and biosafety of products is a key global trend and the main concern of responsible food producers. Considerable efforts and funds have been expended on employee hygiene and surface disinfection. However, it is extremely rare that attention is paid to the quality of air in contact with an open product. 

The spread of microorganisms in the air of industrial premises results in:

the decrease in the shelf life of products
loss of products during production and transportation
returns from retail stores
the decrease in the sales geography
deterioration of brand reputation
Result of using the Potok equipment

The Potok equipment significantly reduces the concentration of mold fungi and yeasts, bacteria and viruses in the air that contacts with the open product in the production process. 

Results of equipping the food production facilities with the Potok equipment:

  • increase in the shelf life of products
  • decrease in product losses
  • decrease in the amount of returns from retail stores
  • upgrading of the production process
  • decrease in production costs
  • expansion of the sales geography 
  • improvement of brand reputation

Potok in practice

Poultry presents a favorable environment for microorganisms to grow. Spoilage can be observed already at the initial period of refrigerated product storage: Defective products are put on the store shelves and the cost of handling expired products rises. Therefore, the most advanced Russian poultry farms have already equipped their slaughter-processing facilities with the Potok equipment.

by 100%
shelf life of refrigerated semi-finished products increased
by 66%
shelf life of refrigerated poultry products increased
sales geography
to 0
returns from retail stores reduced

Since 2014, the Potok equipment has been operating in the dairy products packaging department of Probiotic+ LLC, which produces its own brand of products for the upper-mid supermarket chain (Prosto Azbuka brand) and monitors the quality of its products. 

by 25%
shelf life of dairy products increased
5-10 times
microbiological levels of mold and yeast in the products were lower than those required by the regulations

In order to assess the decrease in the microbial contamination level of air that is in contact with the product, Experimental Cheese-Making Factory conducted studies on the operation of Potok equipment in the butter-packing department and in the cheese-making department in 2016.

total viable count in the cheese-making department reduced
total viable count in the butter packing room decreased
concentration of mold fungi in the cheese-making department decreased
concentration of mold fungi in the butter-packing zone decreased

Meat is an excellent nutrient medium for microorganisms, including pathogens. Air with high microorganism content prevents manufacturers from ensuring consistently high product quality: there are problems, such as mucus, molding, gray-green color of ground meat, etc.

by 98%
microorganism levels in the air of the packing department decreased
concentration of mold fungi in the air of the packing department decreased
microorganism levels in the air of the secondary packing department decreased

In 2017, at the production site of upper-mid market bakery, under the conditions of the production process, a study of Potok equipment efficiency was carried out in the refrigeration chamber for the semi-finished products of a high degree of readiness.

microorganism levels in the air decreased
mold fungi levels in the air decreased
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