September 13, 2016
The Italian company Cremonini Group will conduct tests of Potok air decontamination units

The Cremonini Group, one of the major European players in the food industry (meat processing sector) in Italy, and the Russia-based engineering company Potok Inter, a unique technology developer and a manufacturer of patented professional equipment for air decontamination, agreed on cooperation. Potok Inter will provide 4 stand alone air decontamination units for the period of 2 months in order to conduct trials of this equipment.

Potok®air decontamination units based on Russian Bioinaktivation technology are intended for enhancing microbiological safety of the air. They are used in a wide range of industries: healthcare, transportation, airspace industry, public facilities and household use. In the food industry application of Potok technology prevents spread of microorganisms at production facilities, improves products quality, reduces spoilage rate, increases product shelf life etc.

Efficiency of Potok® air decontamination equipment will be estimated by comparison of values of a bacterial contamination without Potok units ((background level) with a contamination level after working hours of units.

Marat Zagidullov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Potok Inter:

Our Potok®Bioinaktivation technology, which is used more than 20 years, proved its efficiency, including on food productions of such giants as Danone, PepsiCo etc. We are glad that such largest meat processing company as Gruppo Cremoniniwill join the ranks of our partners. I am sure the Potok®trials in Italy will be successful, and we together with Gruppo Cremoniniwill proceed on a win-win basis to equip all its facilities with Potok® air decontamination units.

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