March 5, 2020
The Emergency Hospital in Ryazan opened with the equipment "Potok"

On March 5, 2020 opened the new city clinical hospital of the ambulance service of the Ryazan Region (hereinafter BSMP), which provided both emergency and planned care in all major medical areas.

The medical center was equipped with modern innovative equipment that would allow specialists to establish the correct diagnosis in the earliest stages of disease, prescribe effective treatment, and carry out specialized, including high-tech operations on the level 

of the best federal clinics.

The main hospital building is built on a modular basis. In the center there is the heart of the hospital (operating rooms, intensive care unit, laboratory and emergency room on the ground floor), and on the sides - the wards. This allows you to separate the flows of sick and healthy patients.

All clean rooms of the hospital are comprehensively equipped with Potok systems in order to ensure microbiological air purity.

“The beacon of our hospital is the operating room on the fourth floor,” says the dean of medicine of the BSMP. An increased pressure is created in the operating room and clean, sterile air is supplied, which destroys all bacteria and viruses. This helps to reduce the chance to get infected during surgery.

Thus, the Potok units significantly reduce the risk HAI infections (moreover the effectiveness against viruses of the Coronaviridae family was confirmed), increase the effectiveness of treatment, accelerate the struggle against disease exacerbations and effectively deal with antibiotic resistance of microorganisms.

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