May 30, 2018
Potok technology was first presented in the Netherlands

The Dutch National Contamination Control Symposium took place on 30 May 2018 in Shertogenbosch, Netherlands, where participants could get acquainted with the Russian Potok technology of air decontamination. The event organizer was the Netherlands Pollution Control Society (Vereniging Contamination Control Nederland).

This symposium was for everyone working in the cleanroom field within the following areas: end users in pharmaceutical and food industry, healthcare, suppliers, installers and cleaning companies. They received practical recommendations on the design, maintenance and operation of clean rooms, and also studied the work of Potok devices, which destroyed airborne microorganisms and viruses in rooms with high hygiene requirements and they got information about the advantages of Potok technology and its results of implementation in medical facilities, food enterprises, schools and kindergartens.

According to research study of German Technical University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden air decontamination specialists have learned in what way Potok technology is superior to HEPA-filtration that is so common in Europe, but causing more and more questions.

The company's experience and a wide range of equipment will solve the problem of any complexity: from the organization of "clean zones" with unidirectional air flow to the reduction of local air contamination in the premises due to standalone units.

The participants highly appreciated the usefulness of the event, emphasized that such events helped to exchange experience, get valuable information and develop clean technologies.

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