June 27, 2016
Potok Inter represented the latest air decontamination solutions for medical facilities in Germany

The sixth international congress “The Clinic Real Estate of the Next Generation” was conducted in Frankfurt on 22-23 June 2016. Organizers: Bilfinger Bauperformance GmbH and Congress und Presse.

During 38 presentations, the breaks and the evening program more than 200 participants had the opportunity to get path-finding ideas and practical impulses for a better economy and performance of their hospitals.

Some of the key issues discussed by participants were: Medical Technology and Hygiene, Construction and Operation of Clinic Real Estate, Organization and IT, International projects etc.

Within the framework of extensive business program Vladislava Borisova, Deputy Director External Sales Potok Inter LLC, made a report “Innovative solution for dramatic improvement of air quality in medical facilities: Potok Air Decontamination System”.

“The aim of our trip to Germany was not only participation in congress but also Potok devices testing in accordance with standards specification.

Modern trends demonstrate that the directives’requirements are constantly changing. A number of countries has already switched to the new standards. That means air contamination assessment not by aerosol particles in the air (traditional DIN Standard), but by determination of CFU/gm (a colony-forming unit per Gramm) according to Swedish Standard SIS-TS 39. We welcome that trend, because our technology has been initially developed for microbiological air purity. And we consider to be essential that the world scientific community moves to this standard”, said Vladislava Borisova.

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