March 10, 2016
“Potok Inter” presents innovative solution for Healthcare sector at the International Congress in Germany

International Congress «Hospital Engineering Trends» took place in Weiden (Germany) from 7th through 8th of March 2016 dedicated to innovative design and construction solutions in Healthcare. «Hospital Engineering Trends» is one of the most comprehensive international healthcare events, allowing transfer of detailed, reliable and relevant information for planners, designers, builders, architects, service providers, investors, developers having a noticeable impact on the development of health system worldwide.

The congress brought together healthcare professionals and leading experts around the world who are involved in construction and engineering of new medical facilities, management, equipment and financing.

In the framework of the event "Potok Inter" company has presented its renowned expertise in air decontamination. During the workshop Borisova Vladislava, Deputy Director for Export Sales, spoke about the innovative solution to dramatically improve air quality with the help of the Russian “Potok” air decontamination technology based on electric fields of alternating polarity.

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