March 1, 2017
Potok Inter invites you to Semmelweis Conference on Hospital Hygiene and Patient Safety

Date: March 7-8, 2017

Place: Budapest, Hungary

“Potok Inter” will take part in the second Semmelweis CEE Conference on Hospital Hygiene and Patient Safety

Main problems in healthcare caused by airborne contamination are risk of transmission of hospital-acquired infections (HAI) to personnel; post-operative infectious complications; spread of viruses and infections in medical facilities. According to European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 4 million patients are affected by HAI every year in Europe. In current conditions when the number of nosocomial viral and bacteria strains is growing rapidly, HAI prevention constitutes a major global health problem.

Semmelweis Conference 2017 gathers politicians, economists, epidemiologists and other experts in healthcare in order to discuss important aspects of hospital hygiene and patient safety.

Potok technology will be presented in the report of Akimkin V.G., academic of the Russian Academy of Sciences, PhD od med.sci, professor “HAI prevention in Russia”, and also on the exposition booth of our dealer from Hungary.

It would be our pleasure to invite all concerned in the HAI-control to take part in the conference. 

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