May 12, 2020
Potok Inter equipped the City Children's Hospital No. 1 in St. Petersburg

In order to combat coronavirus, Potok Inter delivered its equipment to the Children's City Multidisciplinary Clinical Specialized Center for High Medical Technologies (Children's City Hospital No. 1). Thus, the hospital has taken maximum measures to save newborns and provide highly qualified care to St. Petersburgers up to 18 years in the spread of coronavirus.

According to Yulia Gorelik, chief neonatologist of St. Petersburg, deputy chief physician for anesthesiology, intensive care at St. Petersburg State Medical University, there is a competent and clear programme for routing newborns from mothers with coronavirus infection in the city.

“Our clinic will provide such assistance in two hospitals: Botkin Hospital and an isolated intensive care unit for children with developmental disabilities on the basis of the hospital itself on Avangardnaya Street, where children will be transported by our neonatal intensive care vehicles. Studies of the newborns treatment for COVID-19 are beginning to appear only now: such a delay is caused by a low number of clinical cases. However, there are a lot of deaths among them in world practice, and our main task is to minimize them, ”Gorelik said.

The Potok units ensure microbiological air purity in the hospital, they allow to protect the weakened organism of newborns, medical staff from pathogenic microorganisms and viruses. In wards for newborns units protect infants from nosocomial infections.

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