September 15, 2021
Potok Inter demonstrated its products at The Big 5 International Building & Construction Show in Dubai

From September 12 to 15 this year The Big 5 International Building & Construction Show was held in Dubai. It united global market players, stakeholders, buyers, professionals and experts who were actively developing the construction industry. Among the exhibitors at the collective stand “Made in Moscow”, with the support of the Moscow Export Center, there was presented Potok Inter research and production company.

During The Big 5, Potok Inter introduced the international market to its technological capabilities and characteristics of the Potok air decontamination equipment. The main focus was on products for the construction industry – in-duct units built into the ventilation system for air decontamination and fine filtration.

Highly effective Potok devices are widely used in modern enterprises to maintain the specified technological levels of contamination by microorganisms, to ensure the continuity of technological processes, as well as to provide a safe environment that helps to reduce the number of infections transmitted by airborne droplets in people, such as COVID-19.

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