March 20, 2017
Potok Inter conquers Korea

Potok air decontamination devices were represented by dealer of Scientific-manufacturing firm Potok Inter at the 33rd International Medical & Hospital equipment show KIMES 2017, which was held from 16th through 19th of March 2017 in Seoul, Korea.

International co-operation plays an important role in the medicine development and healthcare in general. Annual exhibitions and conferences bring together the best professionals to demonstrate innovative solutions from all corners of the globe, that helps to follow the development of high-techs in the industry. Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show is on great importance for these processes. This year 1,200 companies from 36 countries presented the medical industry overview with latest trends and plans.

Michael Stepanov, Export manager of Scientific-manufacturing firm Potok Inter, has shared his impressions and thoughts about the exhibition KIMES 2017: "This is our first event in Korea and we are very satisfied with our participation in it. There were many people at our booth, to tell you the truth, we haven’t been expecting such a visitor flow. A definite plus of this event is the exciting opportunity in one place at one time to realize how interesting our product is, get feedback and discuss further cooperation. And we managed it".

More than 20 years the company "Potok Inter" has been producing and selling air decontamination devices under patented technology, which eliminates all airborne microorganisms (99% efficiency). More than 2,500 medical institutions are protected by Potok decontamination units (Botkin hospital, Burdenko Main Military clinical hospital, Moscow city clinical hospital № 1etc.).

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