February 17, 2020
Potok equipment entered the list of innovative products

The Potok air decontamination equipment was included in the list of innovative, high-tech products and technologies that customers in Moscow should purchase to ensure standards for the procurement of innovations.

in accordance with the Moscow Cabinet's decision, city authorities should purchase at least 5% of innovative products (goods, construction and services) of the total volume of purchases.

How would government organizations get information about such products? Especially for this there is a list of innovative, high-tech products and technologies. There are products that have signs of scientific and technological novelty, and also differ advantageously of their social, environmental or economic efficiency compared to those that have been already used in Moscow.

You can view this list here: https://www.mos.ru/dpir/documents/perechen-innovatcionnoi-vysokotekhnologichnoi-produktcii-i-tekhnologii/

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