June 9, 2017
Medical center in Moldova took a favorable view of Potok devices working

On June 9, 2017 Scientific-manufacturing firm Potok Inter received a positive feedback on the working of its equipment in Clinica Familia, the center of reproductive medicine for infertility treatment (Republic of Moldova, Kishinev).

Recall, since 2016 to the present Potok standalone recirculating units “Potok” have been operating in the "Clinica Familia". They are placed in rooms with high hygiene requirements (clean rooms of category A) - embryology, operating and resuscitation rooms.

Potok equipment provides the necessary microbiological safety of the indoor air, which protects the weakened organism of the mother and the newborn from nosocomial infections.

According to Rospotrebnadzor (the Federal agency that works to provide oversight and control of wellbeing and consumer rights and protection of the citizens of the Russian Federation), hospital-acquired infections affect an average of 5-15% of hospitalized patients, and in high-risk departments - up to 40%, which is 2-2.5 million people per year, however, the statistical method of accounting is imperfect and a number of researchers believe that the actual incidence is tens of times higher than the declared rate.

By the recall, in the "Clinica Familia" Potok devices are used every day, for all the time of working they have never failed. «Potok 150-M-01» effectively decontaminates air in the premises, increases the effectiveness of general disinfection measures, so the use of this medical equipment is economically viable.

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