November 21, 2016
MEDICA 2016: the growing interest in Potok technology in the world

For nearly 50 years, Medica in Dusseldorf has been the meeting place for the world medical community. It’s the world's biggest medical trade fair with 300 000 m², 19 halls, 5 forums, 5 conferences, in 2016 it attracted more than 5,000 exhibitors from 67 countries.

From 14 to 17 November, 2016 “Potok Inter” for the second time has been visited MEDICA and showed the full range of the air decontamination devices. This year interest in the Potok technology has been growing notedly, particularly in devices to deal with the problems caused by airborne contamination and as an end-to-end solution for air decontamination in medical facilities (air-water-surface).

Visitors of the exhibition paid special attention to such advantages of Potok technology as its non-selectivity (inactivation of any kind of microorganisms), possibility of operating devices in human presence, no expendables and record low energy consumption.

The main task of MEDICA 2016 – give an impulse to healthcare system, implement new equipment and improve skills of medical staff – was successfully completed. The event presented the latest developments in five key areas: electromedicine, medical technology; information and communications technology; physiotherapy, orthopedic equipment; disposables, commodities and consumer goods; laboratory equipment, diagnostics. An extensive exhibition complemented the international trade fair for the medical supplier industry and product development - COMPAMED 2016.

By tradition MEDICA 2016 and COMPAMED 2016 gathered all stakeholders - doctors, pharmacists, specialists of medical organizations, suppliers and manufacturers of medical equipment, making an opportunity for communication and sharing of experience and professional achievements, as well as demonstration of the state-of-the-art technologies.

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