April 20, 2020
Clinic Mother and child Tyumen: the health of mothers and babies in the safe Potok’s hands

Potok Inter equipped the multidisciplinary clinical hospital "Mother and Child" in Tyumen. This six-storey building with an area of 15 thousand square meters and a cost of 3.2 billion rubles was built and equipped with the best equipment in less than two years.

Potok air decontamination units are placed in rooms with high hygiene requirements. They provide the necessary microbiological safety of the indoor air, that protects the weakened mother’s organism and the newborn from nosocomial infections, and allows doctors to carry out the entire cycle of activities for women at every stage of her life, for children - from birth to almost adulthood.

According to official data, hospital-acquired infections affect an average of 5-15% of hospitalized patients, and in high-risk departments - up to 40%, which is 2-2.5 million people per year, however, the statistical method of accounting is imperfect and a number of researchers believe that the actual incidence is tens of times higher than the declared rate.  

The technology used in the equipment is not selective, and is effective against microorganisms of all types, regardless of their structure and degree of resistance to disinfectants, including the effectiveness against viruses of the Coronaviridae family. 

The multidisciplinary medical center is designed for 175 thousand outpatient visits, acceptance of at least 2 thousand births, 3800 operations and 800 IVF cycles, as well as over 60 thousand diagnostic tests per year. Over time, the hospital staff is goung to grow up to 400 people.

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