January 30, 2017
Arab Health 2016: "Potok Inter" company shared experience of air decontamination

From 25th through 28th of January 2016 “Potok Inter” representatives took part in the 41st annual Arab Health Exhibition&Congress in Dubai, UAE. Lots of meetings and negotiations on the prospective cooperation were held in the framework of the event with such countries as UAE, Qatar, Oman, India, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and others aiming at supplying “Potok” air decontamination devices.

Main types of “Potok” air decontamination devices were demonstrated at the “Potok Inter” booth: standalone unit in metal case, duct built-in unit along with standalone air decontamination unit “Potok 300” designed for use in any kind of premises including clean rooms class A and B.

Demand for “Potok” devices in terms of high epidemiological tension remains at high level not only on the domestic market but also in many countries in the world. Several projects are already underway. In our opinion, “Potok” devices are a product with a huge export potential due to its sustainable competitive edge", - said Deputy Director Export Sales Borisova Vladislava, commenting on the company’s participation at the prestigious exhibition that gathers the leading companies in the Healthcare sector from different countries in order to share experience and showcase state-of-the-art innovations.

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